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‘The Migrant Academic’ is my blog where I write about my life – reflections about my past, present and the future! In this way, I hope to help those in need of guidance for education and knowledge. I believe there are many people out there who, like me, lacked any reliable guidance in choosing the kind of studies or career they wanted to pursue. So, it is my hope that people like me, all over the world, will benefit by reading this biographical account about my life!
This blog will showcase how an individual can ‘reflexively’ and consciously organise their life journey crafted through the world towards a desired life situation – a modus vivendi. I aim to share my own experiences, and to offer advice and guidance to those, especially in (or from) developing-countries, whose first language is not English, with the skill and ambition for higher education. My experiences and my reflexive attempts to mediate any constraints and obstacles will, however, provide useful tips to all those who study at undergraduate, masters or doctoral levels. This blog will be a useful source of information and guidance for those who arrive in the UK with no prior understanding of how this educational system works.

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