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Funding gained and sought  


  1. Project Title: “Gendered Experiences of working from Home during the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Study of Information Technology Professionals in Sri Lanka” - Co-Investigator in the project led by Prof. Lasith Guanwarendena, University of Sri Jayewardenapura Sri Lanka. This application was successful and won a grant of Rs. 1.237 million – internal research grants, and will run for two years from February 2022.  

  2. Project Title: Masculinities Matter: Everyday Masculinities of Rural Conflict-Affected Sri Lanka (Archived) - May, 2021 - £196,722.70 - This bid was successful, but the funder withdrew the offer being subjected to UK government funding cuts – Principal Investigator.  

  3. Project Title: The forgotten garment workers: life stories of marginalised women in Sri Lanka’s export apparel industry GCRF Small Grant - June, 2021 – at Manchester Metropolitan University – Bid successful - £5,000 – Co-Investigator 

  4. Project Title: Social Media and Distracted Women: An Exploration of the Influence of Facebook(ing) on the Daily Life of Rural Sri Lankan Women. April, 2018, Internal Research Grant. Value – £3,100, Successful. Principal Investigator   

  5. Project Title: Information perception and credibility for strengthening community resilience in the context of pandemic emergency, February, 2021, - £178,978.12 - Co-Investigator  

  6. Project Title: ‘Inclusive Flexi-Work Lab’: Buidling Resilience in the Pandemic-hit Sri Lankan Apparel Industry with Disadvantaged Women, December, 2020 – Value £238,768.18. The bid was unsuccessful –  Principal investigator  

  7. Project Title: Digitalised Emancipation (?): Making an Intervention through Social Media in Emancipating Rural Sri Lankan Women from Oppression and Poverty. August, 2021 - £32,285.40 - The bid was unsuccessful - Principal Investigator 

  8. Project Title: Impact of Digitalisation on Reflexivity (Sense of Self) and Changing Career Aspirations of Scottish Youth - £22,108.42 - The bid was unsuccessful – Principal Investigator  

  9. Project Title: Ethnic Minority Graduate Internship Model: Submitted on 22-02-2017 to European Social Fund - Social Innovation Fund - Scottish Government – Value: £41,673.80. 30% approx. Contribution. The bid was unsuccessful. Co-Investigator 

  10. Project Title: ‘Type of Entrepreneurship and the Economic Implications of Scotland', small grants at Carnegie Trust – Value £7,500. 2016. The bid was unsuccessful – Principal Investigator 

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