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My Publications 



  • WIMALASENA, L. (2022) - BOOK CHAPTER – Titled ‘Critical Realism, Reflexivity and the Missing Voice of the Subaltern: The Case of Postcolonial Sri Lanka’ in Managing the Postcolony: Springer. Sole Author. (Forthcoming). 

  • WIMALASENA, L., GALLOWAY, L. & KAPASI, I. (2021). A critical realist exploration of entrepreneurship as complex, reflexive and myriad. Journal of Critical Realisim DOI: 10.1080/14767430.2021.1935109

  • WIMALASENA, L., & MARKS, M., ‘Habitus and Reflexivity in Tandem? Lessons from Postcolonial Sri Lanka’, The Sociological Review - (3*) - Available at:, 2019 Lead Author   

  • KAPASI, I., GALLOWAY, L & WIMALASENA, L. A theory of venturing: A critical realist explanation of why my father is not like Richard Branson – International Small Business Journal – (3*) – 2019. Joint Author  

  • WIMALASENA, L. (2017) ‘Reflexivity and women’s agency: a critical realist morphogenetic exploration of the life experience of Sri Lankan women’, Journal of Critical Realism, 16:4, 383-401. 2017 -  Sole Author  

  • WIMALASENA, L. & GUNATUNGA, R.S., ‘Living in an Epistemic Culture: (Yet) Another Façade of Contemporary Human Resource Management, Sri Lanka Journal of Management, The Journal of the Postgraduate Institute of Management, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, 85-116, 2008. Lead Author.

  • RICHARDS, J., WIMALASENA, L., & MACLEAN, G. ‘Managing Ethics in Research Projects’. Research Methods for Business and Management: A Guide to Writing Your Dissertation. O’Gorman K.D. & MacIntosh, R. (eds.). 2nd ed. Oxford: Goodfellow. 2015 

  • RICHARDS, J., WIMALASENA, L., & MACLEAN, G. ‘Managing Ethics in Research Projects’. Research Methods for Business and Management: A Guide to Writing Your Dissertation. O’Gorman K.D. & MacIntosh, R. Oxford: Goodfellow. 193-210,  2014




  • WIMALASENA, L. and MARKS, A. ‘Digitalised Emancipation? Patriarchy, Digital Distraction and [Distracted] Rural Women’s Experience of Facebook[ing]’.   This paper is developed from the research project I undertook in late 2018 funded by SoSS IRG scheme. Journal of sociology (4*) (Submitted). 

  • WIMALASENA, L., & RICHARDS, J. ‘Meaning of work as an emergent power: A critical realist morphogenetic conceptualisation’, will be submitted to Work, Employment and Society Journal (4*).   

  • WIMALASENA, L., KAPASI, I., & GALLOWAY, L. ‘A critical realist exploration of entrepreneurship as complex, reflexive and myriad – this paper was submitted to the journal of Organization (3*) and was recently rejected but with very useful comments from the reviewers. Currently, this paper is being re-written to be submitted to the European Journal of Social Theory.  

  • WIMALASENA, L. & MACLEAN, G., ‘No hiding place? Class identity and the reflexive (class) strategies – experiences from Sri Lanka’. This is a presently a working paper needing a robust theoretical discussion: data have been identified and incorporated in the draft.  

  • WIMALASENA, l. & MACLEAN, G., ‘Interim Reflexive Modes and Strategies: A Morphogenetic Study of the Life and Occupational Trajectories within Dentistry in Scotland’ using the data generated by a collaborative research project initiated by Napier University titled: Working in Dentistry in Scotland.  



  • WIMALASENA, L & MUDALIGE, P. “Tsunami Challenged: PIM’s Response in Action”, published by Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM), Sri Lanka, 2006.   




  • KAPASI, I, GALLOWAY, L & WIMALASENA, L., ‘’Entrepreneurial Action: the Importance of Agential Reflexivity", Academy of Management Conference, 4-8 in Atlanta, Georgia. 2017.  

  • KAPASI, I, GALLOWAY, L & WIMALASENA, L., ‘Re-examining the Theories of Entrepreneurial Intention’, International conference of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Strathclyde University, 10th – 2th November, 2015.   Senior Author 

  • WIMALASENA, L. ‘The life Journey of Postcolonial Agents: Involuntary Life Chances and Agential Reflexivity’, The Scottish Doctoral Colloquium, Stirling University, 28-29 April, 2014.   Senior Author 

  • WIMALASENA, L. ‘Theorising the Meaning of Work: The Case of Sri Lanka’, International Labour Process Conference, London King’s College, London, 6 – 9th April 2014.   Senior Author 

  • WIMALASENA, L. ‘No hiding place? Class, habitus, reflexivity and the life journey of postcolonial agents’, Work, Employment and Society (WES) annual conference, Warwick University, UK, 2nd – 5th September, 2013.  Senior Author 

  • WIMALASENA, L. ‘The presence of the departed? An attempt to understand the meaning of work in a postcolonial society’, 2010, International Labour Process Conference, Leeds, UK.   Senior Author 

  • WIMALASENA, L. “Creative Application of Teaching Methods as Effective Teaching Tools for Large Classes in Higher Education”, Conference for Enhancing Higher Education Practice – Using Teaching to Expand Range of Skill Development In Students and Staff”, jointly organized by Staff Development Center (SDC), University of Colombo and Sri Lanka Association for Improving Higher Education Effectiveness (SLAIHEE), 2009.   Senior Author 

  • WIMALASENA, L., THALGASPITIYA, U., ‘Towards Growth and Development Subsequent to a Disaster: The Role of Management Education’, A Case Based on a Sri Lankan Management Education Institute’s Recovery Efforts in Indian Ocean Tsunami – December 2004”, The International Conference on Business Management – 2006, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Joint Author  

  • WIMALASENA, L., JAYAWICKREMA, D.C., & KOTTAWATTA, H., “Customer Expectations, A Source to be Abused: A Study on Customer Service by Sri Lankan Banks”, 10th Anniversary International Symposium themed ‘The Issues and Challenges of the 21st Century’, 4th – 6th, July, Sabaragamuwa University of, Sri Lanka, 2006.  Joint Author 

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