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Undergraduate study advice ... 

I have not studied in the UK as an undergraduate (UG) student. Yet, I work with a large number of UG students in my University in different capacities. I have over 10 years of experience in working with UG studies in the UK, to share with all those individuals out there interested in doing their UG studies here or for parents who are intending to send their children to the UK, specially first time. Firstly, I gained experience in working with UGs, as a doctoral student. I was involved in teaching and assessment of UG students for a long time in that capacity. Then, I became a full-time lecturer and subsequently, in my current administrative roles as the first year UG student coordinator and the director of undergraduate taught programmes (DUTP). Under these different roles, I deal with different levels of students, with different kinds of needs. There is also a vast range of support and help available to UG students in the UK that are sometimes not possible probably within the South Asian Universities in general. Below I outline, possible frequently asked questions for further information on doing UG studies in the UK, and I provide examples and share experiences based on Heriot Watt University.  

  1. What is it like to be a UG student in the UK ?  

  2. How do I select a particular degree programme ?  

  3. What is the structure of the degree programme ?  

  4. What does it mean by tutorials ?  

  5. Should I attend lectures and tutorials ? 

  6. What is the difference between mandatory, elective and optional subjects ?  

  7. What kind of student support services available ?  

  8. What is the nature of the lectures ?  

  9. Do I have to all four years in the UK ?  

  10. What the first day at the University is like ?  

  11. What is meant by personal tutor ?  

  12. How does the personal tutor system work ?  

  13. How should I select a specialist degree programme ?  

  14. Can I change my chosen degree programme?  

  15. Can I work while doing UG studies in the UK ?  

  16. What if I fall sick and could not submit a coursework on the due date ?  

  17. What if I fall and could not attend a final exam ?  

  18. What if I fail a subject ?  

  19. What is the difference between an ordinary degree and an honours degree ?  

  20. What are mitigating circumstances and what should I do if I experience such ?  

  21. How do I contact my personal tutor or lecturers ?  

  22. What is Academic Writing ? 

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