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My Hobbies

My main hobby, other than reading, is painting.

Like my country's long and fascinating history, my career has had many twists and turns, from mushroom farming, to corporate HR, to academia, and then over the past few years, into the world of art. Since taking up the palette knives and acrylic paint that are my chosen media for creating my art, I discovered quickly that I could create, and recreate, art in a variety of colour palettes. As the saying goes....every picture tells a story. Painted stories of course endure when the storytellers no longer do.

My first steps along this new turning in my life journey focused on landscapes and, in particular, trees. I have captured these, in light and shade, in winter and sun, in many ways, on many occasions since. No two paintings alike, yet all in a style which is my own, from my heart, via my mind's eye, arriving onto the canvass. And, more recently, the path twisted again as I completed my first portrait, with its haunted sad eyes. And since then, many more faces, each with a little of their own story in their eyes, have grown from bright colour and white space.


You can find my website www.LakshmanArt.Com to have a look what I paint... 

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